Georgia Daycare Workers Wanted After Video Shows Abuse To Toddler

Surveillance footage from the daycare.
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Jessica Powers

Two Georgia women are wanted in a case of child abuse that was caught on video at a church daycare earlier this month, police said.

Arrest Warrants Have Been Issued For Bernetta Glover And Autumn Coney After The Incident

Warrants have been issued.
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Clarkston Police Department said Bernetta Glover and Autumn Coney are currently charged with child cruelty in the first degree over an incident that occurred at the Clarkston First Baptist Academy on July 6, 2022.

Parent Krystin Collier Reported The Abuse After Her 3-Year-Son Came Home With Injuries

The child had suffered injuries at daycare.
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Parent Krystin Collier said her 3-year-old son came home with a swollen jaw and was visibly upset on July 6.

Collier confronted the teachers and requested the video from the daycare after seeing the worrisome injuries on her son. After seeing the footage herself, he also pulled her son from the daycare and called the police.

When she was able to see the video, she told WSB-TV that what she saw turned her stomach and she could hardly believe the staff she trusted with her child would treat him in such a disgusting manner.

“I’m very disgusted, very disappointed, because this is a church day care,” Collier said. “I trusted these people with my child.”

Collier Got Footage Of The Abuse From Surveillance Camera Inside The Daycare Center

The mother obtained footage.
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Collier shared the video she obtained with Channel 2 Action News, which appears to show a teacher picking the child up by the arms and then by his shirt and throwing him down, seemingly unprovoked.

“One of the teachers picks up my son from one side of her body and slams him to the other side of her body, I guess to get him to settle down,” Collier said.

The Mother Says The Daycare Tried To Downplay What She Saw Happen On Camera

The mother says staff downplayed the incident.
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An attorney for the mother said there is at least one additional video showing another member of the staff interacting with the young boy.

The family says the church first tried to downplay what transpired and was visible on the video surveillance. One supervisor allegedly said the footage didn’t show anything “unacceptable," but the family disagreed and notified police about what had occurred.

“The staff punched my child in the face, grab him by his ponytail, and lead him around like it’s a leash,” Collier told WGCL. “I watched her grab him by his top ponytail, slam him against the wall, punch him in the face.”