NBA Rumors: Heat Land Kyrie Irving, Still Keep Tyler Herro In Proposed Trade

Kyrie Irving
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Ernesto Cova

The Brooklyn Nets didn't offer Kyrie Irving a contract extension. That willingness to let him go only shows they've had enough of his antics, meaning he's a prime trade candidate as we head into the season.

The only question is whether another team would be willing to take a risk on Irving, a controversial player who's burned all bridges wherever he's played.

Heat Culture To The Rescue

Kyrie Irving
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Coach Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley have made a living out handling misfits. They know how to set them straight, and that so-called 'Heat Culture' has proven successful even with the most hardnosed characters.

That's why Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report believes the Miami Heat could be in the mix for Kyrie and put together a trade offer that'd also please the Nets.

In this case, Brooklyn would land Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, and Max Strus, while the Heat would get Kyrie and Day'Ron Sharpe.

Why Would The Nets Accept?

Kyrie Irving
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The Nets have made it clear that they don't want anything to do with Kyrie. They've called him out repeatedly and stated that they only want players who are committed to their project.

If anything, it seems like they only agreed to put up with him to keep Kevin Durant happy, but now he also wants out. Moreover, they'd land an elite shooter in Robinson, a serviceable role player in Strus, and an All-Star guard in Lowry.

Heat Get Another Star

Kyrie Irving
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The Miami Heat have been looking to get another star for months now. They've been in the race for Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant, yet it seems like their trade offers haven't been good enough to get a deal done.

In reality, getting the Nets to trade Kyrie shouldn't take that much. Also, they'd get another efficient scorer who can create his own shot and isn't as injury-prone as Lowry. Duncan Robinson was out of Spoelstra's rotation, so getting his big contract off their books would be another plus.

Both Stay In Contention

Jimmy Butler
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But the best part about this trade is that it would allow both teams to continue contending for an NBA championship.

The Nets would have Lowry, Durant, and Ben Simmons, which is more than enough to make the playoffs. The Heat would get another 20+ PPG scorer to take pressure off Jimmy Butler's shoulders, especially in the postseason when he logs 40+ minutes a night.

So, what are we waiting for here? Let's get this deal done.