Carrie Underwood Keeps It Cool In Swimsuit

Carrie Underwood
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Triston Brewer

The musical enigma that is Carrie Underwood continues to make inroads as an artist. As she churns out hit after hit, her fans love how she stays connected to them through Instagram posts and photos showing off her fashion and family in fun ways!

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Welcome To The Carrie Corner!

The pop singer looks cute as a button in a black bikini top and sarong near the pool as she takes in the sun. With larger-than-life shades on a grin, Carrie is clearly enjoying her downtime and knows how to make the most of it, considering her busy schedule.

Whenever she gets a chance for rest and relaxation, she takes the opportunity, which is hard to do as a wife, mother of 2, and one of the biggest acts in country music!

Carrie's Accolades Are Numerous!

Born in Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood is one of the best things to emerge from the hit television reality show American Idol, and she is widely regarded as its biggest pop star alongside Kelly Clarkson. The country-pop singer is a bonafide star in the music industry, selling millions upon millions of albums and inspiring young girls and women worldwide.

The 39-year-old has been named one of the reigning queens of country music and has won several awards, with Grammys, Billboard Music, and American Music awards to her credit. And with 11.6 million fans following her on Instagram, Carrie always delivers fun and fashion regularly, a fact that they absolutely adore!

Carrie's Family Was Modest

carrie underwood
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Thrifty and frugal would be other adjectives Carrie would use to describe her early life, but she is proud of this fact as it keeps her humble. Her parents still live in the same house she grew up in as a child, but these days, one cannot help but feel ecstatic for Carrie's success and when she chooses to indulge because she deserves it.

To that end, Carrie is known for going full glam girl at events and has worn jewelry worth millions of dollars on the red carpet. How's that for a country girl going big time?!

Her Debut Album Set Record Sales

Fresh off her win on American Idol, Underwood's first album made a major impact on country music and radio upon its release. In 2005, it snatched several records, including being the best-selling debut album for a solo country female singer and the fastest-selling country album in Soundscan history.

Hits from the album include 'Jesus, Take the Wheel' and 'Before He Cheats'. Couple that with her music tours, and she cemented her name quickly in the industry, and from there, she has never looked back as a top music act!