Elizabeth Hurley Is A Certified Stunner In Plunging Dress

Elizabeth Hurley
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Triston Brewer

Elizabeth Hurley takes the floral print design, all while spreading a message of goodwill for kids worldwide. Hurley has always used her celebrity for just causes, so it was no surprise for her biggest fans that she has lent her support as a Global Ambassador for Smile Train.

The organization provides access to lifesaving surgery to assist children born with the ability to breathe, speak, or consume food because of an aperture. For the last 23 years, they have helped more than 1.5 million children around the world affected by the condition, and Liz Hurley’s ambassadorship is meant to bring awareness to the issue and transform lives.

Liz Will Hit You With The Style Every Time!

Of course, no one could forget the dress that made Elizabeth Hurley a huge international star. In this photo, she is wearing a variation of the dress, and it absolutely mystifies how stunning she looks in the photo!

Her 2.4 million Instagram followers expect fashion from her, and she delivers every time! Of course, her glam squad is also phenomenal, but at the end of the day, Liz has the genetics that make it all possible!

Liz Comes From Humble Beginnings

Liz Hurley
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She may live the glamorous jet set life now as an adult, but as a child, it was anything but for Liz! Born in Basingstoke, England, the 57-year-old had an army major father and schoolteacher mother, but even at a young age, she knew wanted bigger things for herself.

By the time she was a tween, Elizabeth knew that she wanted to be a performer, and early on she concentrated on life as a dancer.

Liz Was A Hippie

Liz Hurley
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Through her teen years, Liz still was not as glamorous as people typically see her these days. To the contrary, she was part of a hippie group in the United Kingdom known as the ‘New Age Travellers’. The group was heavily influenced by the punk scene at the time and Liz dressed the part from head to toe. Imagine Hurley now with brightly colored hair and a nose ring?! Just try!

Liz Serves Them ‘Face’

Eventually, Liz outgrew the scene and gravitated toward more refined clothes and looks, eventually winning ‘Face of the Year, a competition organized by a newspaper in her town. The contract was for a year and introduced her to the top agencies and producers in the London scene at the time.