Emily Ratajkowski Looks Inviting For Summer In Bikini

Emily Ratajkowski
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Triston Brewer

Since making a huge splash in 'Blurred Lines' with singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, Emily Ratajkowski has been in our hearts and minds. She has grown up in front of our eyes as an actress and a model.

Now that she has moved on to starring in movies (opposite teen heartthrob Zac Efron, no less!), there is nothing this young lady can't do.

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Emily Goes All-White

Emily takes the simple white two-piece bikini and elevates it like no other! Looking absolutely stunning in all white, the model and actress is giving the summer season her all!

With her head cocked to the side as she plays with her brunette tresses, her seductive stare into the lens is just one of the reasons why she remains one of the fashion industry's biggest stars on the runway! And with 29.5 million followers on Instagram, they know that she delivers when it comes to content!

Emily's Parents Were Hesitant About Her Ambitions In Entertainment

Emily Ratajkowski
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Naturally, Emily Ratajkowskis's parents didn't want their daughter to enter the modeling industry, primarily because they had heard so many horror stories about the industry after doing some research.

Even when scouts attempted to hire Emily, her mother was determined that she enter a more normal profession, like being a brain surgeon. By the age of 14, however, Emily signed to the esteemed Ford Modeling Agency, and her career took off even more.

Soon, she was featured on the television show iCarly in a bit part that raised her profile significantly in the acting world and led to more big breaks that would truly catapult her career.

When Robin Met Emily

Emily Ratajkowski
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After being featured in a steamy pictorial in 2011 for Treats magazine, Emily was cast in Robin Thicke's video 'Blurred Lines'. The song, produced by uber-producer Pharrell, was an immediate hit that became the summer song of the year, and Emily was front and center in the video.

After its success, she found work in other videos, including for bands Maroon 5, Taio Cruz, and more. Today, these are some of the most popular videos of the era and are partially the reason for Emily's overall success in entertainment.

Emily Has No Issues With Her Body

Emily Ratajkowski
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As a child growing up in a progressive household, Emily has always been comfortable with her body, including being nude. She stated: "I'm not worried about nudity. I'd rather play a complex character who has a love scene than a stupid girl who's just a girl next door."