Anna Kendrick Goes Vintage In Swimsuit

Anna Kendrick
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Triston Brewer

Anna Kendrick is one of Hollywood's most accomplished actresses. The Tony and Oscar-nominated multi-talent is still charging full speed ahead with her career on the silver screen and on television.

First making a name for herself in the Twilight franchise, she has since gone on to make a slew of blockbuster movies with some of the industry's biggest and most seasoned performers. Now considered a heavyweight in her own right, Kendrick has the kind of laidback, cool vibe that has endeared her to fans worldwide.

With 21.7 million followers on Instagram, the 36-year-old is recognized as a comedic actress who is equally adept at dramatic roles. Anna's versatility is her superpower!

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Anna Kendrick Brings The Bunny With The Vintage Swimsuit!

Leave it to Anna Kendrick to use a bunny as the perfect accessory poolside! The glamorous shot includes possibly some of Anna's favorite things: watermelon, a bunny, and a poolside seat. The photo is in line with her persona and a nice way to feature a more classic era in old Hollywood glamor.

Anna's Love Life - The Real One, Not The Show!

Anna Kendrick
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Her fans love her look and are just as interested in her love life, especially considering she is starring in a show of the same name. But Anna is typically mum on her relationships, but there is a bit of intel out there that fans may be interested to know.

Many celebrities keep their relationships under the radar and prove that even in Hollywood, it can be done if that is really the desire. With Kendrick, her relationships are never totally out there, and her fans respect this about her. She has, however, been linked with a few people in the industry.

Anna And Bill, Sitting In A Tree…

Anna Kendrick
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According to a few sources, Anna has been seeing Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader for over a year. Since both are rather private people, no one has really seen them out and about, but the two are said to be very close.

The pair starred in the 2019 movie Noelle together, and it is assumed this is where they first had some sparks. Previously, Bill Hader was linked with actress Rachel Bilson.

Anna Previously Dated A Brit!

Anna Kendrick
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Before Bill Hader, Anna was in a relationship with Ben Richardson, a British cinematographer whom she met on the 2013 indie film Drinking Buddies. There, their romance first took hold, and the two even worked on another movie after that, the hit The Fault In Our Stars, and then another, Happy Christmas, in 2014. And for fans trying to look back for photos of them together? Good luck with that, as there are few!