Bebe Rexha Puts On A Seductive Display In Swimwear

Close-up of Bebe Rexha
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Following the release of her new music collab, Bebe Rexha appears to be on a tight schedule, as she appears to be taking a hiatus from gracing our timeline with sexy bikini photographs. With this video, Bebe Rexha has enthralled many of her fans and followers. The pop star flaunted her legendary curves and cleavage in a video of herself lip-syncing along to Fergie's Glamorous (with Ludacris) in a skimpy white lace undergarment.

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Strutting The Streets In Style

The I'm Gonna Show You Crazy singer can be seen navigating her camera phone as she seductively dances her way through green bushes and trees, replicating one of the song's hooks: 'Rexha, 32, has the picture zeroed in on her face and amazing curves while decked out in the sultry number, 'G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S,' Rexha danced her body in tune to the beat of the song while flashing a seductive stare. She grasped her platinum blonde hair braided on the sides during her dancing routine.

Showcasing Toned Butt In Bikini

The singer flaunted her best asset poolside in Las Vegas, although she clarified that "the last shot in the carousel is all that matters." The first two photographs show her toned derriere in a thong swimsuit, while the last shows her rescue dog, Bear.

It's nearly impossible to outdo her gorgeous pet. Bebe and Bear were soaking up the rays poolside, looking their best. Nonetheless, the "Sabotage" singer's incredibly toned physique could not be overlooked by fans and friends. Her comments included compliments: "ur gorgeous" and fire emoji.

Adore Me Campaign Shoot

The 32-year-old singing sensation was a blonde bombshell as she promoted her Adore Me swimwear. She was spotted posing with a bunch of models 'of all shapes and sizes,' as she boasted in her caption to her over 10 million followers. Bebe was seen adopting a classic pinup stance reminiscent of the 1950s while showing off her form in a scarlet bodysuit. By the end of the video, the entire cast of models, including Bebe, was seen relaxing together on a stairwell.

The Queen Is Back

The body positivity campaigner posed for the camera in a checkered blazer dress, and she was all shades of beautiful as she stared into the mirror. Though, because the dress had a plunging neckline that showed off her considerable cleavage, Rexha flexed her features like a boss. The other slide, however blurry, shows her waving her hair before the image was taken. She referred to herself in the caption as;

The baddest😍😍