'Southern Charm' Stars Kathryn Dennis And Olivia Flowers Slam Madison LeCroy Over Alex Rodriguez Drama

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Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Olivia Flowers have weighed in on the drama involving her costar Madison LeCroy and Alex Rodriguez. Kathryn recently appeared on Bravo chief Andy Cohen's show, Watch What Happens Live, when she shared her thoughts on Madison's activities. 

Find out what she said and much more below. 

What Happened Between Alex And Madison?

In February 2021, during the Southern Charm Season 7 reunion, Craig Conover claimed Madison flew to Miami to sleep with a former Major League Baseball player. Later, it emerged that the alleged MLB superstar was actress and singer Jennifer Lopez's former fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. Jennifer and Alex were still engaged when the allegations emerged. 

Madison responded to Craig's claims by claiming Alex sent her DMs though she noted they never met in person. 

A 'World Tour Of Shade'

During Kathryn's appearance on WWHL, she commented on Madison's activities since the rumors of her alleged affair with Alex came out. She said: 

"She's [Madison] been on a world tour [of shade] since [the affair rumors with] A-Rod came out." 

Kathryn's comment came after her costar Olivia Flowers joked that Madison had been on a shade tour lately. 

Olivia Accuses Madison Of Texting Austen

Olivia is currently dating Madison's ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll. Austen and Madison have been feuding on and off since going their separate ways in December 2020. 

However, Madison has done well to move on from the split. In October 2021, she revealed she was engaged to Brett Randle. 

However, Austen seemingly brushed off the news of Madison's engagement in a July episode of Southern Charm though the latter said he was angry she didn't tell him about it. 

Andy asked Olivia if Austen was right to be upset that Madison did not inform him of her engagement. She replied that her boyfriend would have the right if his ex was "completely out of his life and wasn't always trying to control him." 

Olivia did not stop at that but also claimed Madison had been sending Austen late-night text messages, including one in which she said she did not want to fight anymore.

Olivia Responds To Madison's Comments About Her

In June, Madison slammed Olivia by calling her "homely." This was in response to Olivia previously calling her "homegirl" in Southern Charm's season 8 premiere. 

While speaking to Andy, Olivia joked about Madison, saying she was on her "shade tour." She also reacted to Madison's latest comments, saying, "She had some lovely things to say about me on that tour." 

Despite Kathryn claiming Madison has been on a world tour of shade since the A-Rod rumors surfaced, the latter maintains she did not lie about the situation. Also, A-Rod's representative confirmed the former baseball player and Madison never met in person and that the allegations were false. 

Meanwhile, Madison has moved on from the incident and is focusing on her relationship with Brett. An insider revealed the reality television star is happy in her new relationship. Also, she wanted to let everyone know she had a man in her life as she was tired of all the A-Rod rumors.