'RHODubai' Star Caroline Stanbury Shares Updates About Her Pregnancy Worries

RHODubai Star Caroline Stanbury
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The Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury recently opened up about her pregnancy struggles. Due to the drama in their relationship, she and her husband have been a major subject on the show.

Caroline and her partner, Sergio Jose Carrallo, 27, have been at odds due to their contrasting ideas about whether or not they should have kids. While Caroline was hesitant, Sergio was eager to start a family. Additionally, it was claimed that their disparity in age has resulted in them having distinct priorities. However, they were finally able to come to terms with having kids. 

Find more details about what the RHODubai star recently revealed about her pregnancy struggles below. 

Caroline Shares Her Struggles

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Caroline recently told E! News she has trouble conceiving. She revealed she is currently undergoing IVF in order to bear a child. She also mentioned that she currently has one fertilized embryo but could not have another healthy embryo. Caroline aims to obtain another healthy embryo through more IVF to increase the chances of success.

"We have one [embryo] on ice—a baby boy," the RHODubai star revealed, adding, "Sadly, I did another round, none of them were viable. [The doctor's] taken me off any alcohol. We're going to try for another round when we leave for the summer to at least get two eggs on ice. When we put them in? I don't know."

Are Caroline's Kids Pleased With Her Struggles? 

Although the couple is delighted about the possibility of a pregnancy, Caroline's children from her first marriage don't seem to share their excitement.

Currently, the 46-year-old housewife has three teenage kids. She revealed that her oldest daughter, Yasmine, finds kids annoying. 

"She's like they're annoying...absolutely not," Caroline joked of Yasmine. "I don't blame her. She's a teenage girl. What does she want with a baby?"

Caroline added that it has been challenging for them to comprehend her and Sergio's decisions to have children because of her husband's age. 

Caroline continued, "I don't think they've understood the time limit on my body. They sort of just think about his age."

Caroline Shares How Busy She And Sergio Are

Caroline admitted that she and her husband have been so busy that they haven't had time to sit down. In fact, Caroline is currently in New York City recording the first-ever RHODubai reunion with Andy Cohen.

"Married life is married life. We haven't had time to sit down," she confessed.


"We're going for ten days to Indonesia after this, three weeks actually to Bali traveling straight after this trip," she added. "We're building a house, we've done IVF, we've got married; I think we've done all the things you shouldn't do in a year in a month. So I think mostly the fact that we're still here and not divorced is probably a testament to us. We've got so much exciting stuff planned for our future that it's a good time," she concluded. 

Caroline Is Excited About The reunion Despite Pregnancy Struggles 

Even though Caroline is currently going through her pregnancy struggles, she shared during the filming of the reunion that she was not nervous but ready for it. The reality TV star is absolutely willing to discuss any issue she has had with the other women. From the look of things, Caroline has her strategy in place as she plans to bear her mind about all she has been holding in. 

"It's my nature to hold things in and just get on with life—I think you'll see I'm respectful of other girls, even in the interviews and things—so I'm ready now to say my bit. So I'm excited," she said. 

Caroline's fans who wish her a healthy pregnancy also look forward to seeing her in The Real Housewives of Dubai's future episodes, starting with the upcoming Season 1 reunion.