The Hottest Looks From Constance Nunes In A Bikini

Constance Nunes close up
instagram | Constance Nunes


Constance Nunes is an incredibly beautiful woman endowed with an astonishingly envious body. Thus, it is not surprising that she loves flaunting her beauty and impressive body features at every opportunity. 

Whether posing beside exotic automobiles or having fun, Constance never fails to put her assets on display. Hence, her Instagram page is filled with multiple photos of her looking incredibly attractive.  

The beautiful and talented auto mechanic has been modeling at auto exhibitions during her free time. However, Constance does more than just model for and fix automobiles in her spare time. Occasionally, she takes days off to relax at her favorite places and mostly rocks colorful bikinis while at it. 

She recently took to her Instagram page to upload a seductive snapshot of herself lounging at Margaritaville. 

Get a glimpse of the beautiful diva's bikini snaps and much more below.

An Animal Skin Bikini Never Looked Better

On June 19, Constance shared one of her sexiest pictures when she uploaded a snap that showed her relaxing in a pool while clad in an animal skin bikini. The tiny bralette Constance wore could barely cover her boobs. Hence, it was hard not to notice her ample cleavage as she posed. The gorgeously endowed beauty called more attention to her cleavage by resting her boobs on the pool pavement while looking intensely at something in the background. 

In addition to her sexy outfit, she wore a cream-colored cowboy hat and accessorized with a gold necklace and wristwatch. 

"Wastin' away again in Margaritaville. Letting my friends force me to take a break being underneath the cars lol…. forever grateful for them," Constance captioned the photo while tagging her friends. 

The Sexy Mechanic Is Burning Screens

It was hard to resist taking more than one look at Constance's photo upload. Hence, it wasn't surprising to see many of her fans drooling over her in the post's comment section. The post currently has over 159,000 likes and 2000 comments. 

"Sister, you are burning my screen," commented a fan. Constance, in response, said, "trying to keep up with all the [fire emoji] you put out on the regular."

"Happy to see you enjoying life and being amazing at your craft. Another fan wrote, "Always got love and support for you," while Constance responded, "Thank you so much."

Another admirer wrote, "That's what friends are for. Sometimes, it's good to be forced to LIVE!" 

Favorite Bikini?

It is safe to say that Constance loves to stun in animal-skin-inspired bikinis. Amazingly, she always looks gorgeous whenever she decides to wear them.

In another post from January 11, 2021, the 32-year-old model shared a sizzling video of her flaunting her stunning body while wearing an animal skin bikini. The clip showed her washing a car in the most seductive way ever.

She captioned the post, "Sometimes my friends ask me to wash their cars for them… It's not a Ford but I'll make an exception just this once."

A Fun Fact About Constance

Nobody would have guessed that the attractive TV personality and model would love dogs. Constance Nunes is a dog mother like other female celebs, including Priyanka Chopra, Reese Witherspoon, Kristen Bell, and Amanda Seyfried. The fun fact is that she has two dogs and has a portion of her Instagram profile devoted to them.

Besides stunning in bikinis, Constance fans love many other things about her. However, they are usually more thrilled seeing her in her tiny string ensembles.