Paris Hilton Puts On A Risque Display In Swimsuit

Close-up  picture of Paris Hilton
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Paris Hilton is the epitome of living luxuriously. The American socialite coined the term "sliving," which we think is a combination of "slay"  and "living your best life." She is also the poster girl for all things showy and sparkly. Instead of lounging on superyachts on the Coastline, Paris Hilton has been partying all across Europe since discovering her newfound passion for DJing. She even performed at the renowned Tomorrowland festival in Boom, Belgium.

Paris Hilton Takes On Belgium With Her Scooter

In an Instagram snap, Hilton poses on an electric scooter from Bolt in front of the Brussels Stock Exchange. But, in addition to DJing, she had some time to visit, but not on foot, because that's not "the usual Paris style." Instead, she received a Bolt e-scooter as part of an impromptu photoshoot. Paris, dressed fully in black with a dazzling wig, stood with the green e-scooter, providing cuteness on each slide.

Paris Brought Her A-Game To Tomorrowland Show

Paris Hilton drew attention as she hit the stage for her DJ set at Tomorrowland on Sunday at events venue De Schorre in Boom, Belgium. The 41-year-old actress donned a rainbow-colored sequin-covered structured bodysuit with a ruffled pink little skirt. She chose a sparkly pink turtle neck shrug to match the color of the back of her skirt. Paris wore fingerless gloves that matched the colors on her bodysuit. As she performed at the bash, she enhanced her look with a pair of clear-heeled rainbow boots.

Enjoying The Scenic View Of Lake Como

Paris Hilton had a sunny day at Lake Como, and she grabbed a few photos on a private boat, taking in the scenic sights of the hotspot locale. Paris wore a Louis Vuitton blazer around her waist, an aqua blue scoop neck swimsuit, and a structured bustier over the number. The socialite wore her signature blonde locks in two braids on each side of her head, topped with a black cap. She completed her look with white Christian Dior sunglasses to protect herself from the sun, and her skin looked natural for the occasion.

How Paris Ditched Fast Food To Get Bikini Bod

Surprisingly, she likes fast food.  "I used to eat that way, but I decided to change things this year,"  she explained."Now I don't do that. There are times when I will stop at a Carl's Jr, but I will maybe get a turkey burger or something healthier instead of a cheeseburger and fries. I am more careful now."