Chanel West Coast Stuns In White Summer Dress

Chanel West Coast
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Triston Brewer

What is it exactly that makes the television personality Chanel West Coast tick? She juggles many jobs and interests as a hip-hop artist, singer-songwriter, brand ambassador and so much more! The 34-year-old just seems to keep going and going and going, and her rambunctious spirit is what has endeared her to so many fans over the years. Now that she has truly left an indelible imprint on the industry, the only thing left for Chanel to do now is more of it, leaving her own signature style in the process! With more than 3.6 million followers on her Instagram account, this is the prime spot to catch her sporting her latest glam looks, a very pregnant belly bump, and her flair for fashion.

Chanel's Dress Says 'Summer Is Here!'

Chanel hits her fans with the frilly fashionable dress that is giving all the summer vibes that they love. Looking chic and fresh, she topped off the look with red and white shoes and impossibly large shades that are all about the business! Chanel is a girl that knows fashion and knows all the angles that drive her fans crazy. As if they would expect anything less from the star?!

Chanel Is A Ride Or Die L.A. Chick!

chanel west coast
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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Chanel lives by the California sword and is a staunch supporter and representative of her city. She gets her interests from her father, who has a well-known history in the music industry as a DJ over the years for many bands throughout her childhood. What many don’t know is that Chanel did indeed spend a few years outside of Cali as a kid, moving to Denver. But that didn’t stick, and the family was back in LA by the time she was enrolling in school!

Chanel’s Early Years In The L.A. Art Scene

chanel west coast
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Once she was back in her hometown, West Coast went to Palisades Charter High School, where she eventually caught the inevitable bug and was soon cast on The Real Deal, which ran from 1998-2000. This set her up for what many would call her definitive move which came only a few years later.


chanel west coast
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In 2008, Chanel met Rob Dyrdek, and she was soon cast as the receptionist on his Fantasy Factory show for MTV. Several seasons have since aired and led to more lucrative deals for Chanel than she ever could have dreamed