NBA News: Tyrese Maxey Addresses His Chemistry With James Harden

Tyrese Maxey
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Ernesto Cova

The Philadelphia 76ers didn't have many areas of improvement heading into this off-season. But it's safe to say that Daryl Morey did an outstanding job of making them better, re-signing James Harden at a discount, and bringing in several key free agents.

Nonetheless, maybe none of that will be as important as Tyrese Maxey's development, as the Kentucky product wants to take a big forward in his third NBA season.

Chemistry Is Everything, Says Maxey

Tyrese Maxey
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The 21-year-old has been training with Harden throughout the offseason. Besides the mentorship, Maxey believes working out together will help them develop the chemistry they need to be at their best:

“It’s gonna be great,” Maxey told USA Today. “Chemistry is everything. We only played like 20-something games together so for us to be able to have a whole training camp and an entire season together, it’s gonna be nothing but good things for us and a positive outcome.”

They're Excited About Next Season

Tyrese Maxey
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The Sixers are looking forward to working together and finally getting over the hump. The team has embraced a championship-or-bust mindset and it seems like they're all on the same page:

“It’s good to have a full team and have a training camp and everything,” Maxey added. “Especially, with James and PJ and those guys coming in, so we’re just gonna go out there and be the best that we can possibly be.”

Sixes Are Tougher Now

Tyrese Maxey
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The additions of Danuel House Jr. and De'Anthony Melton will make the Sixers better defensively. But more than that, Maxey believes they all bring some much-needed toughness to the table:

“I think the guys bring toughness,” Maxey explained. “They bring toughness to our team and it’s gonna be great to see them at camp and I can’t wait to get started.”

P.J. Tucker Will Be Key

P.J. Tucker
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But more than that, P.J. Tucker's arrival will be a major factor for the Sixers. He provides them with an elite and versatile defender who can also stretch the floor and be a vocal, emotional leader for them:

“Most definitely,” Maxey said. “I think they’ll definitely help us with mental toughness. I think they’ll also help with just the physical toughness. The grit and the grind that we need to bring to our team and also, I think guys like PJ, he’s gonna bring the championship mentality. I think we’re really gonna appreciate him for that.”

It's now or never for the Sixers, so they better bring their A-game once the season starts.