Alexandra Daddario Enjoys A Few Minutes Of ‘Dog Snuggling’ With Eunice

Alexandra Daddario
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Claudine Baugh

"Dog snuggling" seems to be a favorite pastime for Alexandra Daddario and her pooch Eunice. It’s just what the actress needs to take the edge off during her hectic Hollywood lifestyle.  

It's no secret Daddario, 36, snagged the leading role in the upcoming gothic horror series Mayfair Witches to premiere in 2023. The actress has been sharing behind the scene snippets during filming on Instagram over the last few months. This summer the White Lotus star also tied the knot with producer Andrew Form at a New Orleans wedding in June.

Dog Snuggling With Eunice

Lucky for Alex, she has her rescue pup, Eunice, to offer “a few minutes of dog snuggling” in bed before tackling her busy schedule. In an IG photo post last month, the black and white spotted terrier mix was seen cozied under the sheets with her mom, giving a debonair stare to the camera to bring Alex the biggest smile ever. “A few minutes of dog snuggling,” the actress wrote on the post.

Miss Cuddle Buddy 

Eunice is quite the cuddle buddy in her LA kennel-house. In addition to the life-long supply of snuggles offered to her mom, the good girl is often seen sharing cuddles with her other furry siblings in the Daddario household. From the bed to the sofa and the ground, Eunice can be seen with her pal Geraldo – (Gerry for short), snoozing the time away, and Alex tries to capture every adorable moment of it for her Instagram collection. 

Snuggle Selfies With Gerry 

Yep, Eunice takes selfies too apparently. During one of her dog snuggles with Gerry, she captured this pawesome selfie, which Alex simply had to share with her 22.5 million Instagram followers.

The actress wrote, “Eunice’s first selfie!! 🤳” in a March upload showing the two pupsters relaxing in bed to the delight of fans.

“Truly a great photograph! Thank you Alex!,” said one person. Others added, “Can it get any cuter? ❤️,” and “Awww so cute babies😂😍❤️❤️❤️❤️.” Another asked, “Do they always take over your bed all the time lol 😂.”

Alex Is A Big Pet Adoption Advocate

Daddario is a huge advocate for pet adoption, having scooped up a bunch of furry friends of her own. Currently, the Percy Jackson star has three pups and two cats, all of which she picked up at the shelter. Daddario's first rescue pup, Levon - a terrier mix she adopted from a rescue group back in 2013, unfortunately, went to doggy heaven in December 2020.