Property Manager Sparks Debate After Slamming Tenants Who Haven't Paid Rent

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Ashabi Azeez

A property manager has sparked media debate after posting a clip on TikTok. In the short video, Nichole called out tenants for not paying their rent. The video has gone viral and attracted different reactions from users of the social media app. 

Property Manager Calls Out Tenants On Social Media

Nichole, under her username (@nicholefeather1), recently posted a clip on TikTok saying she called up tenants who were yet to pay their rent to know what the delay was about. In the video, the property manager claimed she offered to assist the tenants by helping them with filling out rental assistance applications if needed. She also claimed she offered varieties of options, including if they needed help in making a payment plan or needed to make a promise to pay, stating, "Whatever I can do to help you."

The property manager claimed that in response to her trying to do her job, people were giving her attitude and being rude. She ended the clip by talking about the necessity to pay rent, "I don't understand it…. In market communities, you have to pay rent! You can't live here for free, people!" 

TikTokers Weighed In On The Situation

The TikTok video has gone viral since it was posted and currently has over 99,000 views. The video got a lot of reactions from users and created a media debate with commentators giving possible reasons for the tenants' reactions. Some commentators argued that it was likely that the tenants were overwhelmed by the process of paying their rent or applying for rental assistance.

While some commentators argued that the tenants might just have a lot on their plate that they cannot control and it might have affected their reaction to Nichole. A commentator wrote, "Everyone would love to pay their bills. It's hard to [not] have enough to pay on time."  

Nichole Responds To Commentators

These comments got the attention of Nichole. She responded that she understood the tenants might have personal issues which could affect them paying their rents on time. The TikTok user continued that instead of keeping quiet about it all, it would be better to inform her of the whole situation so she could find the best way to sort out the issues.

She further talked about how communicating with her and letting her know about the issue was the better way to go. "[You] have to communicate and make a plan," she commented on the response. 

What Other TikTok Users Think Of Nichole's Action

While some users debated the reason for the tenants' reactions, other users appreciated Nichole for being caring.

A user commented, "Wow … I wish the management company where I live would have someone like you who actually cares about the renter," adding, "stay blessed friend."

Another user thanked her for "understanding and working" with the tenants and also wished all management companies were just as helpful as she was.