Ke'onte Cook Surprises TV Anchor Who Helped Him Find a Family

Michelle Ristuccia

Last Wednesday, Gloria Campos celebrated the end of a 30-year career as an anchor at WFAA TV in Dallas, Texas. WFAA revisted the highlights of Campos' career, including her segment "Wednesday's Child," which featured children who were up for adoption. After airing an update on Ke'onte Cook's successful placement with a happy family, 14-year-old Ke'onte suddenly walked onto the set.

Campos teared up as they embraced. "I can't believe it's you. Thank you for the big surprise. I'm so happy that you're happy."

Gloria Campos first featured Ke'onte in 2007, when he was 8, after which he was placed with a family. Unfortunately, like many failed adoptions, that placement didn't work out. Campos featured Ke'onte again in 2009, and this time Gloria and Scott Cook were watching.

Immediately, the Cooks knew that they were going to adopt Ke'onte. "He just spoke to us through the video," Scott said. "Just seemed like he was talking to us."

Carol Cook added, "I'd like to say 'thank you' for putting him on the second time, because not only did you bring us the child that God wanted us to have — and we wouldn't have seen him otherwise — but you've also helped him touch millions by him being able to talk about his story."

Ke'onte is very happy with the Cooks and, perhaps because of Mrs. Campos, expresses an interest in journalism. He is now an honor student and likes to run, hike, and dance - all this after being weaned off of the slew of psychotic medication he was prescribed before joining the Cook's household. Ke'onte had been in foster care since he was six and had traveled from foster home to foster home with an incorrect diagnosis of bipolar disorder. In 2011, Ke'onte testified before the US Senate [video] regarding the higher rates of psychotic drug prescriptions handed out to foster children, as reported by the Palm Beach Post.

"Wednesday's Child" has boasted a 70% adoption rate, according to Gloria Campos' professional profile on WFAA. Campos has been producing the program since 1989 and has inspired other programs, such as Friends of Wednesday's Child, who help foster children before they are placed with families. Campos has received many awards for her work as a TV anchor, including the "2010 Texas Tech University College of Mass Communications - Double T Award" for excellence in Public Service for her weekly "Wednesday's Child reports" as listed on the WFAA website.

Ke'onte Cook is one of many children touched by Campos' efforts. Ke'onte got his chance to thank Campos in an eloquent speech at the end of the segment. "Thank you so much because you've made my life worthwhile. You've helped me become the person I am right now, and I probably would have been worse off had you not helped me out."

[Image Via WFAA TV Dallas]