Bull Shark Swims Into Florida Backyard, Startling Residents

Dustin Wicksell

A video of a large bull shark has been filmed in Bonita Beach, Florida, prompting one resident, who spotted the predator swimming in his backyard, to speak out about the activities of local fishermen.

The clip was filmed from a series of condos that line Hickory Boulevard in Bonita Springs, according to USA Today. Though the resident who filmed the clip has not been identified, a bull shark measuring eight to nine feet long can clearly be seen as it swims along the edge of a garden which directly connects to a local waterway. According to NBC-2, the man who filmed the video also spoke out about against the behavior of local fishermen, who he blamed for attracting sharks to the region.

"Neighbors say people are chumming -- throwing bait into the water -- which is causing the sharks to return. Now, they are asking the city to get involved and prohibit fishing as well as designate the area as a swimming only area."

— Bice Grand Cafe (@BiceGrandCafe) April 17, 2015

— Melville Vogel (@MelvilleVogel) April 16, 2015

The city of Bonita Springs has directed residents to contact the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission with their concerns about the bull shark and its brethren, and local homeowners assert that they will continue to seek assistance in dealing with the predators.