Matt Damon: I Would Kiss George W. Bush On The Mouth

H. Scott English

In a recent interview with the Atlantic, George W. Bush got some respect from a very unlikely source. Liberal actor Matt Damon told the magazine that if given the opportunity he would kiss W. on the mouth for his funding of overseas AIDS programs.

Reporter Jeffrey Goldberg made a point to point out that George W. Bush created PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Matt Damon, not only knew that, but made a hilarious point about it.

Matt Damon: I would kiss George W. Bush on the mouth for what he did on PEPFAR. Jefferey Goldberg: How long would you kiss him? Matt Damon: Three seconds. No tongue.

Damon said,

"It's a different world now than it was when Bush was President,"

Damon and White have written in their Huffington Post blogs,

"In the end we know that we cannot fund-raise our way out of this crisis. Ultimately, it will be creativity, innovation, and collective action that will allow us to achieve universal access to water and sanitation, and do so in our lifetime."