Several New Ocearch Sharks Tagged During No-Kill Tournament

Dustin Wicksell

Non-profit group Ocearch has added several new sharks to their popular lineup of predators, in conjunction with a no-kill tournament that was held earlier this month off Montauk.

The sharks were tagged during the third annual Shark's Eye tournament, which originated from Montauk Marine Basin on July 18 and 19. As the event's website notes, the tournament was an all-release event, during which four sharks were tagged with satellite transmitters that enable researchers and observers alike to track them using Ocearch's website. Of the four sharks that were tagged, several stand out as notable additions to Ocearch's already highly-popular stable of predators.

— OCEARCH (@OCEARCH) July 22, 2015

In addition to Elias, a mako shark was tagged, and given the name Carl. Though a female, the shark was named in honor of the late Carl Darenberg, Jr., who was responsible for founding the Shark's Eye Tournament in 2013, and after whom the event has since been renamed. Footage of the mako's release was uploaded online following the tournament, on the Facebook page of Blue Crush Charters.

— Chris Fischer (@ChrisOCEARCH) July 18, 2015