New Bigfoot Video Emerges From Bluff Creek, Scene Of Legendary Encounter

Dustin Wicksell

New video of a Bigfoot has emerged online, purportedly taken at Bluff Creek, the site of the most famous encounter ever recorded with one of the legendary creatures.

Bluff Creek needs no introduction in the Bigfooting community, as it is the spot where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin recorded the first clear footage of a Sasquatch (since dubbed "Patty") in 1967. Although sightings of the hairy man-beasts have been reported in every state but Hawaii, they continue to be recorded in Bluff Creek, nearly a half century after Patterson and Gimlin filmed their famous footage, as the San Jose Mercury News points out. For this reason, Bluff Creek has become a mecca of sorts for Bigfoot researchers, who continue to frequent the area and visit the site where the film was taken.

A researcher by the name of M.K. Davis has now released new footage online of a hairy, human-like creature, reportedly taken at Bluff Creek in 2008. According to Cryptomundo, Davis took the Bigfoot footage himself, but did not realize at the time that there was anything of note in it.

"I was there with Don Monroe and Ken Iddins. Both men were accounted for in the video. We do not know who or what this is as no one else was there with us. It has a cloth of some sort. The previous August, there were a lot of firefighters in this area. This was shot in October. Perhaps it got the cloth during the fires."

— Bigfoot Presse (@BigfootPresse) August 20, 2015

"I didn't see this live. I walked right by it. It just backed into the brush with only its knees showing and didn't move. I walked downstream and met my two friends coming upstream, so it was not them. I did some brightening on it and it does appear to be hair covered."