Malibu Artist Cleared Of Charges He Raped Twin Daughters

H. Scott English

Malibu Photographer Paul Rusconi broke down in tears Friday when he was cleared of charges that he raped his 20 month old twin daughters, the Huffington Post is reporting.

Almost a year ago, distant family members of Rusconi accused him of raping his daughters after seeing photos he had taken of hmself with the girls in the bathtub. The nanny who watched after Rusconi's daughters and her husband had leveled the charges according to KTLA.

Rusconi believes the couple targeted him for the charges because they disapproved that he was a gay single father.

Rusconi told KTLA in an interview,

"They all called me a sexual deviant and a pervert. That's all stemming from my sexuality."

At the time Ruscono was arrested and held on $220,000 bail after spending a night in jail.

Six months later his twins daughters were subjected to a rape kit, which produced negative results. Prosecutors, when presented with the evidence at hand were thoroughly unconvinced of Rusconi's guilt and dismissed the charges. At that point Rusconi got his daughters back.

Rusconi told KTLA that he is suing his accusers and that he is much more protective about who he brings around himself and his kids.

Rusconi said,

"My circle is much tighter. The people I let into my life is much tighter, and I intend on keeping it that way."