Kardashian 'Cosmo' Cover -- Does It Disrespect The Obamas?

Patricia Grannum

The Kardashian Jenner clan are on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine's 50th Anniversary Issue. But there's one aspect of the cover that's got some people annoyed.

The caption on the cover reads, "America's First Family," and some people view that as disrespect to The Obamas.

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The Kardashians are not the Obamas, obviously. But could they be America's first family of pop culture? Perhaps. They've certainly done a good job of holding the public's attention since the first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired in 2007.

"No one could have predicted the Kardashians' and Jenners' success," says Ryan Seacrest, Keeping Up With the Kardashians' executive producer.

"But when you spend time with them, what resonates is the family unit. There are so many things about them that are glamorous, crazy, and unlike our lives, but the sense of family is universal."

"They love and stand by one another no matter what. Their unvarnished candor reveals how close they really are," Seacrest continued. "What's more, they present acceptance. You look at Bruce and now Caitlyn — you see the power of a family to come together when it would be so easy to fall apart."

The Kardashian influence has gone beyond television and infiltrated fashion, beauty, and even technology.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters recently launched a suite of websites and apps meant to give their legions of fans more inside access to their lives. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Kardashian apps have enticed more than a million subscribers to sign up. The apps are free to download, but to access the exclusive content, subscribers must drop $3 a month. The exclusive content offers a curated radio station from Kylie Jenner, make up tutorials from Kim Kardashian, and a series on de-cluttering (Khlo-C-D) courtesy of Khloe Kardashian. The accompanying Kardashian websites also promise access to exclusivity. All you have to do is give them your credit card information.

But despite the Kardashian vice grip on the media's attention, the apps have struggled to maintain a steady stream of new subscribers.

Within two weeks of the launch, Kylie's app had disappeared from the App Store's Top 100 most downloaded free apps. She had topped that list days after the Kardashian apps launched.

The Kardashian Kollection was also recently dropped by Sears and will no longer be available at their stores. The Fashion Spot reports that the line was not selling well and that most of the pieces had made their way to the sale rack. According to the Fashion Spot, a lace top that was originally sold for $59.99 is now selling for $9.99 on the Kardashian Kollection for Sears website. Sears' sales have been suffering for some time now -- 11 straight quarters of losses -- and not even the Kardashian name can dig them out of the hole.

Does this mean that the Kardashian cosmo cover is exaggerating the influence of America's "first family?"


But with their hordes of social media fans and Keeping Up with The Kardashians still on the air for the forseeable future, we probably won't see the last of them for quite some time.

Do you think the Kardashian Cosmo cover disrespects The Obamas?

Yes- There's only one first family and they live in The White House No- The Kardashians deserve the title

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