Republican Law Maker: Kindergarten Leads To Higher Crime Rates

H. Scott English

A New Hampshire Republican lawmaker announced that he had done extensive research into the field of education and at the State GOP convention Monday night he presented the conclusions of his study. He who went to kindergarten are responsible for higher crime rates, according to Representative Bob Kingsbury.

Kingsbury told the Belknap County Convention that his research has been ongoing for more than 16 years and make no mistake about it kindergarten leads to higher crime rates the Laconia Daily Sun reported. Kingsbury, a Tea Party favorite, sad his analysis was based on comparative studies between the crime rates of those areas with kindergarten programs and those without.

Kingsbury, who said that higher crime rates were also the result of a lack of boxing classes in high schools said of his kindergarten findings,

"We're taking children away from their mothers too soon,"

Kingsbury has a history of supporting legislation that some consider a little bit controversial. In January, he partnered with two allies of birther queen Orly Taitz in which Senators would first have to be chosen by State representatives before they could go to the people for election.

Kingsbury's comments have become an issue in New Hampshire's gubernatorial race, both Democrats who are running for Governor have condemned Kingsbury's research and have wondered why the Republican has not done the same.

Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Ovide Lamontagne took a question about Kingsbury and he said, without venturing an opinion on the remarks themselves,

"Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion. This is America, after all. And what we need to be doing from the point of view of government and government leadership is enabling people to make decisions at the local level and their families, and so forth for the best services available to their children, whether educational services, health care, and so forth, and that is what I am going to be looking at, and certainly as governor of the state of New Hampshire I am going to stand with New Hampshire families across the board."