Lauren Simpson Rocks Pink Sports Bra And Matching Shorts For New Workout Series

Patricia Grannum

Lauren Simpson targeted her quads in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

In the shared video clips, the Australian fitness model rocked a pink sports bra with a crisscrossed strap detail at the front. She paired it with matching shorts and black sneakers.

Lauren started the five-part circuit with a set of squats at the Smith machine. Working with this piece of gym equipment required her to stand beneath a barbell. Each time she bent her knees, the weight slid downward and then moved back up when she stood up. In her caption, she recommended doing 10 squats per set.

Lauren stayed at the Smith machine for a set of lunges in the next video. For this exercise, she maintained a similar stance to the one seen in the first clip but she placed one foot behind her before she bent her knees. Her caption suggested doing three sets of 10 repetitions.

In the third clip of the series, Lauren tackled a set of leg extensions on a machine designed for that purpose. The move required Lauren to sit down and position a bar over her ankles as she lifted and lowered it. She fully extended her legs first and then only partially lowered them before repeating the moves.

Lauren moved on to staggered stance hack-squats next which necessitated a move to a new gym machine. She got into an incline position and stood with one heel raised. Much like the Smith machine, the weight on her shoulders moved downward when she bent her knees and upward when she straightened them.

Lauren ditched the fitness equipment in the last video of the series for a set of walking lunges with pulses. She took one step forward and bent both legs until her back knee almost hit the ground. Then she performed a much shallower knee bend before she continued on to the second repetition.

"Killer workout, Lauren," wrote Courtney D. Black, a fitness trainer with more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Other not-as-famous users left compliments in the comments section as well.

"Love this Lauren!! I love working quads and want to do it now!" a second Instagrammer wrote.