Qimmah Russo Flaunts Flexibility In Plunging Sports Bra And Matching Leggings

Patricia Grannum

Qimmah Russo flaunted her flexibility in a video posted earlier today on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a brown sports bra with a plunging zipper neckline, the Los Angeles-based fitness model and trainer stood on a mat near a pool at the beginning of the clip. Then she arched her torso backward until her hands touched the mat. After that, she sprung into a backflip.

As she landed, Qimmah threw her hands into the air and gracefully tossed her waist-length black ponytail behind her. Next, she leaned forward to briefly perform a handstand. She repeated the move once more, but on her second try, she lowered her legs and raised her upper body. This left her in the same position viewers saw her in at the beginning of the clip.

Next, she executed another fluid backflip. When she landed this time, Qimmah started dancing with a huge smile on her face. After a couple of twirls, she struck a fierce pose and pulled the waistband of her leggings a bit lower to show off her abs.

In her caption, Qimmah wrote that she enjoys staying active in any way that she can, even when she's relaxing on her day off, which is what she was up to when the video was recorded. She went on to add that her sports bra and leggings were from the activewear brand Ryderwear.

"Qimmah on the timeline always make the day better," one person wrote.

"So agile so beautiful," another person added before they included a heart-eye emoji in their comment.

"An angel doing calisthenics by a crystal blue pool = Paradise Island," a third Instagram user wrote.

One fan seemed concerned about her safety, however.

"OMG, Please don't get your hair caught under your hand doing that. Making me nervous.." a fourth user remarked.

This is hardly the first time Qimmah has shown off her gymnastics skills in a video on her Instagram page. In a clip posted in May, she performed a front flip into a backflip as she rocked a pair of yellow leggings and a black sports bra.

"I love exploring my limits," she wrote in the caption before she added a flexed bicep emoji to her caption.

The video has been liked close to 90,000 times and close to 150 Instagram users have commented on it.