Lauren Simpson Shows Off Sculpted Abs And Legs For New Gym Workout Videos

Patricia Grannum

Lauren Simpson took to Instagram on Thursday to show her fans some glute and hamstring exercises that they can do at the gym.

Dressed in a long-sleeved black crop top and matching shorts, Lauren kicked things off with a set of weighted hip thrusts. She braced her back against a bench for this one and placed a heavy barbell across her pelvis. Starting with her knees raised and her feet planted on the floor, the model lowered her hips until they almost touched the floor beneath them.

Then, with her hands placed on the weight, Lauren swung her hips upward and paused for a couple of seconds before she lowered them once more. She didn't specify how much weight she lifted but in her caption, she wrote that she was back "in the 100kgs club with hip thrusts." This means that she lifted upwards of 220 pounds.

In the second clip of the five-part series, Lauren headed to the leg press machine, which required her to lie in an inclined position and push a weight up with her feet. During the set, she pushed it one-quarter of the way up first before she completed a full repetition.

Next, she performed a set of leg curls on a different machine before she headed over to the cable machine for a series of kickbacks. She attached the weight to her ankle for this exercise, swinging her leg behind her and then back to its original position.

In the comments section, some fans who weren't able to go to the gym, likely because of coronavirus restrictions, seemed envious of her.

"If we are kept away from gyms much longer I'm moving to Australia..." one person wrote.

More than one fan commented on Lauren's apparent ability to bounce back from the stomach surgery she had a couple of months ago.

"Even though the scars and experience are there - your body is responding like it never happened! You look incredible and I'm so happy for you that your back in the gym and doing what you love," another fan added.

"You look amazing! Happy you are back at the gym and reaching new goals," a third Instagram user commented.