Ashleigh Jordan Flaunts Hourglass Figure In Black Crop Top And Gray Shorts For Arm Day Workout

Patricia Grannum

Ashleigh Jordan pumped some iron in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

In the clips that she shared, the blond bombshell trained her arms in a four-exercise-long circuit that required dumbbells. Dressed in a cropped black tank top and a pair of gray shorts, Ashleigh started her workout with a set of bicep curls into overhead presses. For this exercise, she started in a standing position and held the dumbbells in front of her hips. Then, she slowly lifted them toward her shoulders and turned them outward before she raised them above her head. After that, the model reversed the exercise until she had returned her weights to their original position.

Next, Ashleigh moved on to another bicep curl variation. Much like the first video in the series, she raised the dumbbells to her shoulders. But this time, she switched to a hammer-style grip when she lowered them. She maintained the same type of grip when she performed the next curl but switched back to an underhand grip when she lowered the weights to her hips.

In the third video of the series, Ashleigh tackled lateral raises. She held her weights diagonally for this one, keeping them close together near the juncture of her thighs. Next, she raised one dumbbell out to the side keeping her arm slightly bent as she did so. After lowering the weight, she repeated the move on the other side.

Ashleigh then ended the workout with a set of tricep extensions. These required her to hold one of the weights behind her head as she lifted and lowered it, hinging the movement at her elbow.

"Girl, you just set me up with an arm day tomorrow!" one person wrote before adding two flexed bicep emoji to the comment. "Always amazing. Thank you!"

"Awesome!! I did arm day today! I love this routine," another Instagram user added.

A lot of comments were focused on Ashleigh's outfit. Both the crop top and the shorts were from her athleisure line, NVGTN, and several fans seemed curious about the brand's next product release.

"Any idea when the shorts launch is coming??!!" a third person asked.

Ashleigh hasn't responded to the question as of this writing.