Michie Peachie Flaunts Her Chiseled Legs And Abs In A Pink Sports Bra And Black Shorts For New Workout Video

Patricia Grannum

Michie Peachie added a new resistance band workout video series to her Instagram page on Friday, and this one focused on the legs.

Dressed in a pink sports bra and black shorts, the fitness model and trainer started her workout with a set of banded squats into abductions. Michie placed a short yellow resistance band around her knees and one end of a long thin band around her waist. The other end of this band was anchored somewhere offscreen. Michie bent her knees to perform her squat. Then she pushed her legs outward and back in again to complete the abduction. In text that was superimposed onto the screen, Michie wrote that the exercise should be done until failure. She also instructed viewers to send their hips forward at the top of the exercise.

Next Michie tackled a set of banded deadlifts. She just used the long thin resistance band for this one and held on to it as she leaned her torso forward and back to its original position. She recommended doing this exercise until failure as well and to "pull from the glutes."

Next, she ended her circuit with a set of banded lateral walks which required her to step from side to side with the short resistance band around her knees and one end of the much longer one around her waist.

"Good ideas as always. thank you, Michie," one person wrote.

"Thanks for sharing the exercises," a second Instagram user wrote.

"Hello, thank you for all the education you give people all around the world," a third Instagram user wrote.

Other Instagram users seemed more focused on Michie's location.

"I want to do my workouts on a dock like that! I would so go for a dip in the water after getting my sweat on," a third Instagram user wrote.

While Michie focused on her legs during this workout and used a resistance band, Michie used a large wine bottle to train her core and upper body. Dressed in a gray sports bra and matching leggings, Michie performed lots of variations of exercises that are typically used to train the midsection. In the caption of her May Instagram post, she touted the benefits of using a large wine bottle to exercise.

"Wine bottles are heavier than water bottles," she wrote. "Tell your friends."