Nicole Scherzinger Poses For Selfies In Skimpy Leopard-Print Bikini

Maria Goncalves

Nicole Scherzinger is living her best life -- or, at least, that is what it looks like on her social media.

The singer has been enjoying a lovely escapade with her beau, Thom Evans, to celebrate their one-year anniversary. And while she has been happy to post lots of loved-up pics with her ripped boyfriend, Nicole decided to start her week with a series of cheeky images.

On Monday, November 9, the Masked Singer judge took to her Instagram page to share a couple of new selfies, and she looked absolutely flawless in both of them. Nicole rocked a leopard-print bikini top that enhanced her attributes, as well as a golden necklace with a pendant featuring Roman numerals. She looked rather tanned as she lay on what appeared to be a pool chair, with the sunlight washing over her cheeks.

She wore a slightly serious expression for the first snap, giving the camera a smoldering stare while also showcasing her toned biceps. Her iconic long dark locks flowed down effortlessly in soft waves. The 42-year-old, who appears to have found the secret to infinite youth, was surrounded by an idyllic landscape, with the blue sea stretching to the horizon. In the second photo, Nicole slightly changed her position yet continued to slay in her skimpy bikini.

"That necklace. Please let me know where u got it details. Looking beautiful as always," one follower wrote.

"Can I ask what the Roman numerals mean on your necklace?! I love it!" another one added.

"hope you have an amazing week filled with so much happiness, love and joy. i love you so much," one of her Instagram fans commented.

Nicole's selfies appeared to have been taken on the same day that she went for a walk on the beach with her boyfriend, who is a former Glasgow Warriors player. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the two hotties went for a stroll on Sunday, with Nicole rocking the same leopard-print two-piece, while Thom showcased his insane physique in a pair of green swim trunks.

Nicole has called Thom her "answered prayer" in a previous Instagram post -- seen here -- claiming her world changed a year ago after meeting him. The duo often appear on each other's social media pages, sharing fun videos of their couple's workouts.