Kelly Clarkson Sports Eye Patch On 'The Voice,' Fans Are Intrigued

Maria Goncalves

Kelly Clarkson sported a funky new accessory on Monday night's episode of The Voice, and fans were very confused.

The singer, who is a judge on the popular show, took to her Instagram to post a cute selfie of her and mentor Leon Bridges on set. However, she did not address the fact that she was wearing an eye patch, which left many fans intrigued.

In the picture, Kelly wore a black jumpsuit and some classic hoop earrings. She beamed broadly for the camera and wore her blond locks down in a classy wavy style with a side part. The look was then complemented with the mysterious black eye patch that gave off a pirate vibe.

Next to her sat fellow Fort Worth native and singer Leon Bridges, who also appeared on the show's Monday episode. He, too, wore an-all black outfit, including a cool leather jacket and a pair of cowboy boots.

Kelly also posted a clip from the episode on her Instagram page, where she revealed she brought in Leon as a battle adviser for the season because she found him to be exceptionally gifted. In the video, she sported the same outfit along with the eye patch.

"Did I miss something? Why are you wearing an eyepatch? Love you," one of her followers commented, with many others echoing the concern.

"So obviously today you're going to notice something different about me. I feel like I could be a really great super villain," she joked.

The incident happened in September, which was around the same time she recorded the latest The Voice episode. The more attentive fans of the 38-year-old who watch her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, also first spotted the eye patch in late September during an interview with rapper Common, which can be viewed on YouTube.

"I'm sorry I look like a pirate. I hurt my eye and have to wear it. It's ridiculous. You're being interviewed by a pirate today," Kelly told Common, who replied that she looked "really cool" with her unusual accessory.

Kelly and her fellow The Voice judges recently shared their thoughts on the new season of the talent show, as The Inquisitr reported.